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Theffeciall objeót ofjufiifyingfaith. 75 faith inChrifh, whomonely it dotti andcan looke untoas it juflifieth. I count all things 6ut laffe for the excellent Rom.a.2,2 and knowledgefakeof Chrift yefus my Lord, forwhom thave Pfi:3.3,9, countedall things loffe,anddoe judge them tobe dung that Imight win Chrifi, And might befound in him, that is,not havingmine owne rim hteouJneffe which is ofthe Law, but that which is through thefaith ofChrift,the righteoufneffe which is of God through faith. For Tooke as nothing in a poore mancanmakehim r.ich,further than it Both get riches into his po(fefsion fo nothing in us tannerscan make. us righteous to life, further than it doth layhold on fuch arigh- teoufneffe which can takeaway fin;, and make us righteous to the receivingof life eternall. Faith is called thefaithof Chrift, becaufeChrifi is be o'II °Io° whom faith dothapprehend and receive to righteoufneffe and life; according to that of theEvangeliPt, lice e that be- i`Jó13'3d° 3. leeveth on theSonof Godhath lifeeverlafting. That is theprincipali obje61of faith, for which embra- cedand received by faith, eternalllife is given from grace. But.eternall life is givenof grace, for;Chriflr embraced : or J7h36'4T and retied upon by faith. a To beleeve Christ dead and rifen , as the Apotlles a Pom.=c.xo,xx. Rom. ro.. taught him,is truebeleefe : but that is not barely tobeleeve I çor.x5 3. thehifloricofhis death andrefurreion, but the fruits and benefits thereof; andthat with affiance. Ir is fo tobeleeve the death and refurreaion of Chri(l, as thereby to Tooke for forgiveneffe of finnes : which is to put our trufl in the fpeciall mercieofGod through Jefus Chrift. This is plaine by rhewordsofMartha ; for whenChrifi asked her,Doeft thou beleeve this, that whofoever beleeveth on meeIhall not dye everlaflingly ? She aufirvereth; re,a Lord, Ibeleeve that thou art Chrift: that is, I cannot doubt, but that thofe that cleave to thee fl2all have life everlaffing, teaching that thefe confefsions imply an affiance and troll' of all good through him. The Eunuch his profefsion was, Ibeleeve As: s 32. that Pita Chrift is the Sou of God : bnt the faithcf this Eunuchwas a particular confidenceof heart, whereby hee embraced