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C 76 7heffieciall objea ofjufEifyingfaith. Joh,t,49,50. Luk,g.a8. Aas 5.3 r. Rom.8.39. §. 2. Matth.9-27,28. Mark.t.4o. BeUar. de JFufïíf. tib.t.tAp.B.,34,35 embraced Chrifl his Saviour, andbeleeved on him for his particular benefit and comfort. Nathaniel profeffed of Chrifl, thathee was the King of Ifrael, that he was the Son of God, and fo mach in generali the Devils beleeve and know: Was 2`athaniels faith nothing but a bare per- fvvafion that Chriff was the Sonneof God? yes, it was a perforation joyned with affiance, for hee ref}ed upon him, and fo beleeved the promife of mercie in him. God hash raifedupChrift to bea prince andSaviour, togive repen- tance to Ifrael , andforgiveneffe of/in' : and to beleeve, Chrifl aPrince andSaviour railed from the dead, andlet the right handof theFather, cloth imply trufl and affiance inhim for for iveneffe of fins and life everlaf4ing, through the graceofGod. §. 2. It isobjebled,thattobeleeve thepower ofGod is juflif ing faith : for our Saviour required nomore of the blindman, thantobeleevethat heewas able toheale him. Andthe Leper feemeth to doubt ofhis will, butwas well perfwadedofhis power. But itis one thing to lookeunto Chrifl for bodily health, or to receive a temporali blef- fing: another to beleeve in him to juflification. For the faithwhich Chritlrequires tojuflification, is filchafaithas Both acquit us fromour fins,anddothprocure us righteouf- nefle : Butmanywerehealedby our Saviour,that(for ought canbeproved) were not acquitted from their fins. Andif blindmenhad onely beleeved thathe was able tocure themalady of theireyes, notwithflanding this their faith, theirfoules had beene uncured, their fins uncovered. Many thatwerecured oftheir bodily infirmities, werealto healed of their fpirituall difeafes; not becaufe they beleeved his power tohelp them, but becaufe they relyed upon him as their onely Saviour. And the teflimony it felfe fheweth, that the blind - menbeleeved Chrifl tobee the cAreffias, in times paflpro- mifed of the Father, and now exhibited : fo that they might beleeve to juflification, but their beleefeof his om- nipotencie did not juflifie them. Thewriter to the He- brow