Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Theffieciallobject ofjufi?ifyingfaith. 77 brewes fheweth in diversexamples, that byjuflifying faith forcefubdued Kingdomes, otherfoamftopt the mouths of Lions,certaine quenched the force offre,othersefcaped the edge ofthe (word, &c All which things (though tempo- rah) were atchieved by juf+ifying faith , which.isthe hand of the people ofGod to receive good by : but faithjuflified not, as it was occupied about, or looked unto there things,: but as it was carried to an higher objeó. The healing of Ira. 53.4. corporali difeafes was a fealeunto us, that Chrif+ is our deli- verer from fin anddeath (as the Scriptures teflifie, and our adverfaries confeffe) and therefore in beleeving the mercie of God towards them, in healing oftheir difeafes, they mightforthwith conceive, that of his free grace hee would be pleafed to forgive theirfins, which are the true caufes of all our maladies. nia¢h.sa7' It isagaineobjeóted, that in the Creed is contained the Btr4,, aeuuf wholeobjeó3 of juf+ifyingfaith : but in it there is nomen- [sb'u.c4P'9 Lion of the fpeciall mercie of God. In thisobjection there is a two-fold inif+aking ; forin the Creed is contained the obje& of faith which is beleeved ; that is, the femme of doctrine tobebeleeved to falvation is there explained : but here wee fpeake of the abject ofvilifyingfaith, by which wee beleeve. The doctrineoffàith is onething,theprivate ail of the heart relying upon the prcmifes of mercie ano- tf:er. Nowwhenwee enquire, whatis the objeci of juf+i- Eying faith, the queflion is not what is the femme of faith, or of the articles to bee beleeved, hut what the faith ofthe heart inall thefearticles which it beleeveth, Both fira and principally looke unto, ref+upon, and receiveto falvation. For when all Chriflians profeffe, andhiaorically beleeve all the articles ofthe Chriaian faith ; yet many are not juaified or Paved, becaufe they beleeve not as theyought : whence it is evident, thatbare affent to thearticles of Re- ligion, isnot that faith which juflifies orEaves but ano- ther of farredifferent natureis required, ifweewouldbe partakers of thefe bleflings. Againe, verbal! mention of Gods fpeciall mercie there is not any in the Creed, but really