Ball - BT770 B3 1637

c i9ffuranceoffalvatianmay be'obtained. why haft thouforfakenme? albeit hewas fully affured that God neither had, not wouldutterly forfakehim. Againe, one chiefe reafòn and end of our praying to God forpardonis, that wee may alwaies acknowledge, that every finnecommitted byus deferves everfetingdam- nationof it Idle, and fhould everlafingly be punifhed , if thatGod" had not accepted our SaviourChriflsfatisfaó}ion for us : By which though wearefreed ifwee reft on him by faith ,' yet both itis ourdutyaccording toGodsComman- dement to fuefor pardon for his fake ; and in truth ifwee doe it not , wee haveno reafon to perfwadeour(elves that our finnes are pardoned. For howfoever it istrue, that Chrifl our Head hath paidthepriceofourranfome, yet it is alfo true, that we every daydefervedamnation, andmutt entreat God for pàrdon, that fo wee may come to that affurance, which theLord hath enjoynedus to labour and feeke for. The Spirit that leadeth us toChrifh, dotb flirre us up with all eatneffneffe and confidence tocrave pardon and forgiveneffe of our finnes. Thefe two, Confidence and Prayer,God hath joyned together, and no man canor may put them afunder. Our faithafpurethus not offorgiveneffe offameswithout prayer, but that God forgivethuswhen wee pray : Nor is this heavenlypledge , while dormant, though truly dwelling in our foules , immediately apt to juflifie. Matters offaith bee ofdivers forts : Some fully aced and done already, and thofe wee onelybeleeve , we doe not pray for them; as the creation of the World, the birth; and death and refurreaionofChritl, and other fuch like : Other-tome arebeleeved,as deigned, promifed, and in a fort conferred , but not yet frilly a6ted and effe&ed tous : which wee fobeleeve by faith , as that (till wepray'' for them, till they bee fully accomplifbed and effe&ed.: The Papifls confefhe,'that Teter, Paul, and forme other particular perfóns ,towhomour Saviour laid, Thyfinnes are forgiven thee, were allured of the remiflion of their H 4 iniquities: io3 Match. 17.46. Zech. xz. to. Bëllar.d^ 34. lib. 3.cap. Ix. Rhem. Rom. 8.38.S.8. Macth.9.a.