Ball - BT770 B3 1637

104 v4,Juraseceofalvationmay beobtained. Iiniquities : and yet theyceafed not topray, Forgive 'sour trefpafes. Doe they not l e then , that prayer for pardon will Band well with afí'urance of remifïìon ? And why doe they condemne that in us, which was well done by others ? Moredif+iné+ly , we continue daily toaske ofGodfor- giveneff'e offing , according to the dire6lion and comman- dement ofour SaviourChrifl,in fundryrefpei+s. Firf+, becaufe notwithflandingformer aflurance of par- don, ifwee takeour eyeoffChrifl , the remembrance and conlcienceofinnemutt needs trouble anddifquiet:'fo that wee mull flill Tooke to Chrifl for forgiveneffe, and faith lookesuntohim as aPetitioner.. Secondly, wepray daily that we may havegreateraffu- rance,and more comfortable feeling cfGods love. Our faith being weake giveth butweakeaffurance, and there- forewe begge daily to be fettledand eflablifhed more and more in theafl'urance ofhis favour. 3, Thirdly , we finne every day,and therefore aske pardon daily :becaufe we areto receive aóìuall pardon from God continually , both forour originali corruption, which al- waies in this lifeabides withus, andfor aP+nall fins,which we daily and hourely commit againfl the Majefly ofGod. Flee that once beleeveth is thereby. made a member of Chrifls myflicall body, and fobathall his hunes fatisfied for, by the death and fufferingsofhis Head Chrifl : But yet it is the good pleafureofGod, that bee (hould daily bewaile his offences, and cravepardon for them, that he might receive,feele andhealluredofthe forgiveneffeofhis particular and daily infirmities. Even after the infuhon of faithmoil perfe&, faithfull repentancefor finnes com- mitted , is asabfolutely neceffary to falvation , as theLirfl infufion vas. Fourthly , God is not off andon, heplaies not aft and look : but whomonce he jullifieth from fine , bee never remembreth finne again(+them : Neverthelefle, wee mull begge the continuanceofhis grace , that his niercifullpar- don ', 1 John T. 829. P131.32.314. 2 Sam. ,z.1y, 13. with Pfal. Sr 1,3.8tto 4..: