Ball - BT770 B3 1637

e4 furance of 'falvationmaybe obtained. IQ don may bee a gift without repentance. Faith is a futer to God for the accomplifhment ofhis promifes ; and becaufe weeare allured Ofhis unchangeable love , wee begge with greater affiance the continuance of his mercy : prayer be- ing nothing elfe but the fireameor river offaith , and an ifíiteofthedelireofthat which joyfully webeleeve Da- ' 2 sam.7.T5.,7. vid being certified that God would for ever flablifh the T Chron.T7.:5. kingdome in his houle and poflerity , forbeareth not to pray that it might bee fo. Our Saviour Chrift knew that hisfheepe fhould never perifh ; yet hee prayeth,Holy Fa- oh hn 17. T8. ther, keepethem in thy name. Hee prayeth all()for delive- Pral. ró. To. ranee from death and glorification, ofbothwhich hee was Heb. 5.7. John 77.5. fully affured. Paulknewafturedly the Lord would deliver 1 Mil. q,. Tst him from everyevill worke, yet without ceafingbeepray- ethtobe delivered from evill. Affurance to fpeed is that whichaddethgreat fervencietoprayer. Fiftly , albeit by faith in the promifeofGod, wee now 5. refs affuredofthe remiffion offinnes, yet wee gill pray,for- giveusour trefpaffes , that wee may more fullyand really poffefl'e andenjoy what wee beleeve wee already have in Gods affelion, and doe in part enjoy. The remiflion of 9 firmes isby faith manifefied toour confcience, and in part wee reapethe comfort, fruit , andeffeóofit in this life : but fillwee are clogged with fanne, we live inmifery and forrow ; in ourfelves wee are condemned wretches ; {full weare are Iyable tomany temporall and fpirituall chafrife -' mentsand defertions for finne , and live in a fort asexiles andbanithedmen from the immediate and clearevi lion of - God. Therefore being {sill in cafe, as ifour fumes were not completely pardoned , finneas yet abiding inus, and fubje&ing us to the difpleafiire of Goddifliking it, and to his Fatherlychaftifement accompanying the lame, wee prayfor forgiveneffe morebib-luteand entire everyday in the fruit, effe&, and comfort ofit. True itis that per- llntivjufificathns Ions juflified havefull titleunto, and right in that mercy fif°fi and: re. of God ; which asit hath already delivered themfrom the dominion andcondemnationoffine, fo will in theend wholly