Ball - BT770 B3 1637

calf furanceofsalvationmaybe obtained. I 1 But that young Pharifee was ignorantof theLaw and his owne eflate, refled in external! works of righteaufneffe, and when hee came to Chriíl, was deflitute of the true knowledge of the cil(efas, without which (our Adverfá- Jot.t7.3. ries will confeffe) there is no eternal! life : and fo from 'their owne grounds, it is abfurd to imagine, that Chrifl by therewords did fimply intend to dire& him a wayfor the obtaining ofeternal! life by his owne works or merits. Wee grant, the Law to which our Saviour referred that young man, tobe theruleof obedience according towhich people in covenant ought to walke, building their works of righteoufneffe upon faith as the foundation ; and obe- dience, iffuing from faith unfained, tobee theway to eter- nail bliffe : Wee acknowledge alto, that no man can bee aifured ofremifìïon of hisfines, who doth not walkebe- foreGod in uprightneffe and integritie: but this upright Etprigfiteanrkig unfained obedience is imperfe& , the effeC of that faith uneceffarie, but which juflifieth, pot the caule ofjuflification. When the , Juffhcotuu.°f. Scripture pronounceth them ble(fedthat feare God, keepe PfadIT9'Y,:. and .z,z. hie Commandements, andwalkin theundefiled way,doth it Praia:.f,m, not defcribe the perfon whole finnes arecovered, inwhich (lands hishappineffe ? Our Saviour hath taught us plainly, That except our righteoufneffe exceedthe righteoufneffe of Matth. 5.20. the Scribes and Pharifees, wefhall inno wile enter into the Kingdomeof Heaven. What righteoufneffe doth he here meane? Inherent, or therighteoufneffe ofworks ? for bee preffeth anuniforme obfervationof all Gods Commande- ments. The Scribes and Pharifees did (as itfeemes) even thencalumniate him, as they did afterward Paul (and the Papifts doe us ílil!) as a deflroyer of the Law, becaufe hee reproved their confidence in works, and fought to eflabiifh the doCrine of faith , which now wee teach. Needfull in this refpeC was that caveat ;. Thinke not that n-iatth.5.17. Iam come todeftroy the Law and the Prophets: 1am not come todellroy, but tofu/fill them. And in there words, as our Saviour rendreth a reafon, why hee thatbreaketh any of thofe Commandements, which the Scribes and Pharifees