Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Verf.rg. Vecf.s® urance offalvationmay be obtained. Pharifees counted theleaf, (hall bee counted lea.fbirs the kingdomeof Heaven: fo hee maketh,paffage to theexpo- fitionof the Law in the verfesfollowing, where heecleares it from the corrupt gloflès of' the Scribes and Pharifees. And it is tobenoted, that he faith nor, Exceptyour righ- teoufneffe exceed the righteoufneffe of the Law and Pro- phets : but,Except it exceed the righteoufnesoftheScribes Pharrfees, towit, thatrighteoufneffe which they taught and praSticed, whomade none account of time comma- dements which they called the leaf+, urged onelyan exter- nal! obfervation of the Law according to the letter, with- out any refpe6tof inward pietie, and maimed and mangled the word as pleafed themfelves. The fentence therefore mutt: be underflood of inherent righteoufneffe, whence the neceflitie of good works is frongly concluded. The faith that juflifieth is lively and operative, ever conjoyned with an affeEfionof pietie and obfequious difpoftion, aspower- full to bring forth deeds of mercie, as to make firme and faithfull application of Chrif+s righteoufneffe, or conceive lure truft of Gods mercie offered in him. Nowwhat is re- quired infaith that it mayjuffifie, of neceffitieit muagoe before affurance of pardon and forgivenefle. True it is then, thatwithout inherent holinef?e noman canbee affti- red of his acquittance from finne : but if wee enquire in- to the truecaule ofabfolution, it is the foiegraceand mer- cieof God in Jefus Chrii, embraced by a true and lively faith. Doth this any thing prejudice Chri{lian affurance, that without true and fincere obedience, at leaf} without a promptitude, aptneffe, inclination, and refolution to doe goodworks, and walke in obedience, therecan bee no al turance? No: For the Beleever relyeth not upon his works, though bee exercife himfelfetherein with all dili- gence : and though hee knowwell that hee comes infinite- ly fhort of what God commandeth, and bewaile his daily failings, and feeshee bath need to renew his purpofe and refolution to better his obedience, and condemnes the imper-