Ball - BT770 B3 1637

What infirmities mayJ?andwithaffurance. IIS imperfe&ions that heeefpieth moreand more in himfelfe: yet it is not impoflïble to bee affuredofthe truth and up- rightneffe ofhis heart , and fincere, though imperfe&, de- fire and endevour towalkewith God : which, as thefruit oftheSpirit , and effe& offaith, doth evidence his recon- ciliation with God. For he that feareth God and walketh in his wayes, in the perfe& and undefiled way, is juffified r John r. 3,. from finne. And hee that knowes thathe walketh before God in truth and with a perfeaheart , may certainlycon- clude frcm this fruit of theSpirit, thathis firmes are par- doned. §. I t . I mightadde, that the faithfull arefealedby the 2; fit rrmítíet Spirit, and by the fame Spirit areenabled to cry e6ba may r in míth Father, whereby they are affured ofthe pardonoftheir affurance. finnes :but Iwill filmup this matter,briefly (hewing what infirmities may [landwith affuranceoffaith, and what fins cannot; that Chriflians maybee dire&ed the better to maketriall oftheirèflate. Ifwefaywe havefellowfhipwith ' John r.7. him , andwalke in darkneffe,we lie, and doenot the truth: andifweefay that we (Inch as John then was,regenerate and inthe fateofgrace) have nofzn,we deceiveour[elves, Vera a. and the truth is not ins s. Even Inch then as walke in the light,and have fellowfhip withGod,are finners,andnot jufl or perfe& in themfelves. Who canfayhis heart is clean ? there is noman u ,who ih not : and yet theA o[lleis Ecclef. 1 nnet y p john 3.9. bold toaffirme , That he that is borne ofrod f:nneth not. The jull then tranfgreffe theLaw , and lo are finners :but they make nota tradeof finne,or profe(fionofiniquity,and fo arenot law-breakers or trasfgref%urs. And this the A- dames 2.10. poflleplainely teacheth , Paying , Every one that hath this hope (ofbeing the SonofGod ) dothpurge himfelfeas hee n john 3.3. if pure, not according to themeafiire ofhis purity or per- fe&ion,but accordingto the truth,in habitbecomes likeun- tohim : as on the contrary he that commits fin, that is, isa r John 3.8. crafts-mafler ofiniquity, and laboureth Therein , he refem- bles his fatherthe Devil: , wholechiefedelight is in doing mifchiefe. Which is further confirmed by that ofour Sa- I a viour