Ball - BT770 B3 1637

II$ What infirmities mayfiancewith ofurance. Joh.8. 34. t John g. 18. Deut. 32. 5. Jam. viour Chrifl to theJewes, Verily,whofoever committeth fin is thefervant viefin : and thefervant abidethnot in the houfe for ever; but the Son abadethfor ever : Ifthe Son thereforefhallmakeyoufree, lee(hall befree indeed. ¡lee that committeth finne with delight, wilfull indulgence to tranfjeflions, and unrelenting oppofition to the cleare truth he is thefervantoffin; but they that are made free by the Sonne , are free from the raigneoffinne, not from every ael offinne. He that is borneof Godkeepeshimfelfe, that the wicked one cannot come within him to endanger him, the gates ofhell can have no prevailing power over him ; he finnethnot as theworlddoth, which lieth in ini- quity : but altogether free from finne he is not , norever Thal! bee fo long as he carrieth about with him thisbodyof death. To finhabitually, wilfully, indulgently , with full confent and greedinefíe, is not compatible with thehope and profeflion of a Chriflian : This fpot is not thefpot of Gods children : but theyhave their blemifhes , they finne ofinfirmity, though not ofwilfulneffe. Sinnein its owne nature is oppofite tograce : but all fins arenot altogether incdmpatiblewithgrace, that is,they hindernot thegrace- full operation offaith,hope, and love. The remainders oforiginal! corruption, under which; the regeneratemuff labour fo long as they live : finnes of fimplé. ignorance , "and of unavoidable infirmity, which through weakneíl'e the faithfull runne into every day:' there doe not f}op the lively worke of faith in receiving theptomifes ofcnercy., but even at the very infFant, when; thefe have abode in the foule, faith can and doth make aithfull plea for mercy,, or otherwife none could pleade for mercy before the throne ofgrace : For inmany thingswe finne all. Sinnes of forgetfulneffe,, inconfideration , and paf- fon, whereunto there is not advifed confent; thefe are as moates in the eye , which doe foniewhat trouble the cleare fight offaith ; but notwithflanding them, the heart principally adhereth unto. God : and though now and then