Ball - BT770 B3 1637

122 Trueaffurance breeds refolution topleat boat. Af,tS nie ofHerod, from the deepe dungeon andbitter death prepared for him , he entred into a religious and thankful! admiration of the great power \and mcrcie of theLord , raying ; Now 1 !knowfor a truth , that the Lordhashfent his fingefl, andhathdeliveredmefrom the hand of Herod. How much moreought andwill that man, who isallured of Gods favour and love towards him , for ever admire the mighty power , unfpeakeable goodnefe,and rich mercyof God, who hath delivered him from the pit ofHell , from the powerofSatan , from the curieofthe1aw,and from the waiting for ofaIl thewicked Devilsand damned Spirits,and hath tranflatedhim into the Kingdomeofhis deare Sonne? And if hee daily confider hisunworthinefl'e, and renued finnes, he (hallfee more caute towonder every day, than at the firft, ifcomparifon maybemade in fuch a cafe, and to renne his repentance, care,watch , and refolution to better his obedience. For is it not tobee wondredat, that God pardoneth the lins ofhischildren daily, and continueth his mercy towardsthem, and the fenfeofhis love, even unto theend ? Whocan thinke upon his flips and infirmities, which breake from him every day, for which thewrathof God is juftly provoked againft him; andwithall remem- ber how God is pleated to (pare him, togrant himacceffe intohis prefence, and to afford unto him the fenfeof his love ; but heemutt needs be afloniflied at the enjoyment of fogreat and incomprehenfîble , fo large and longendu- ringkindneffe ? His heart muff beenflamed with love, and enlarged inpraifes Rill more and more, hisaffeóiions railed to f+riveagainf finne , and let upon the workes ofholineufe and righteoufneffewhereunto they are defigned,every day more and more. Affurance of' falvation then Bothnot be- getfecurity,but quickneth tomore fincere, fettled,and con- fant obedience ; nor is it poflible , that a Chritlian fhonld hold his affurance longer thanhe doth follow, cherifh, and feed thisheavenlyaffeftioninhimfelfe. CHAP.