Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Faith isgroundedupon the Word of'God. 123 CHAP. IX. Faith is groundedupon the WordofGod, notupon the authoritieof the Church, and refheth upon God inChrij ,notupon the .faintsmilitant ortriumphant. §. t. 1rHe Schoolemen divide the obje5 of faith into themateriali objeó, and into the formali. The materiali arethe articlesor things beleeved. The formaliis the foundation and lah maine principle whereupon faith relyeth, orthat whereinto the a(ient, which faith yeeldeth unto thematter beleeved, is refolved. In which fenfe, the objet of faith is all one with the foundation or ground worke of it. But howfoever wee underhand it, whether for the maine reafon and lah refolutien of a(fent, or for that whereupon our confidence leaneth, relyeth, reheth ; the authoritieof theChurch cannot be the ground, nor the Saints triumphant theobjet of faith divine. Weebeleeve that Godhath his Church : but wee neither beleevein the Saints militant nor triumphant. The ground or foundati- on offaith mull bee fome thing, which is purely and tim- plydivine, admixt with noerrour, yea, fubjeót tono errour ; the indubitateword and revelation ofChrifl,the divineand prime veritie revealed by infpiration. But the Word of Godalone is purely and limplydivine, admixt withno er- tour; the Church is fubjet to errour, neither bath it any truth immediately, orby divine infpiration, but by fecond meanes ; the authoritieof theChurch is a thing create, di- fin5t from the firh veritie. The immortali feed, whereby we are regenerate and made faithful', is the onely forma-11 principle, or groundof faith. TheWord of God alone is that immortallfeed. Thereforethe Wordof Godalone, is the onely formali principleof faith. And even as in husbandrie, although diversinhruments and meanes bee requifite and neceffarie ; towit, plowing, lowing, §. r. Theauthoritieof bthe e thCehgeuunurch d ofn cannot faith. i rrrhme.:2;6!. Rom:n.zo. r Pet r.:3