Ball - BT770 B3 1637

124 The Papifis makes the Popes authoritie EpheC2.20. The Tapifft make the Popes authori- tie theonely groundoffaith. (owing, &c. yet the feed is the beginning and foie imme- diatecaule of the graine fpringing up : even fö in the fpi- rituali plantation offaith, in which our foules are living fields, the immortall feed, which the Apoales fir(} prea- ched, and afterwards committed to writing, produceth faith, as the foieprinciple, immediate motive, and formali obje6,} of faith ; and themini!}erie, authoritie, and calling of the Church produce the fame, as the adjuvant and in- f}rumentail caule, or as the meanes of applying the Word and feales thereof, but not as the firat principle. What- foever credit the Churchbath, it receiveth the fame from the Scriptures, as is acknowledged by fome of our prin- cipal) Adverfaries, and confirmed by the Apof}le, who faith ; Wee are built upon the foundationof the Prophets and Apofl'les. The prefent faithof Chriflians is of the fame kind with thefaith of the Prophets and Apoftles. But the faith of thefe holy men was founded uponimmediate divine revela- tion, andnot upon the authoritieof the Church. §. 2. Herein the Romani( }s faith differs from the faith of ancient Chrif}ians : for the Saints who lived of old, grounded theirfaith uponthe pureand faithful) Word of God, as upon a fare foundation; but the authoritie of the Pope, whom they call the Church virtuall, is the fir(} ground and laf} refolutionof the Romanif}sfaith. Indefi- nitely or indeterminately, they teach, whatfoever God bath fpokenis mot}true, in that fenfe wherein bee meant it : But ifwee defcend to any determinate fpeeches, writ- ten or unwritten, either acknowledged or fiippofed for Gods Word, the prefent Romifh Church doth take upon her abfolutely to judgeof all, and everie part of them. If wee fpeakeof that Canonof Scripture which we have, the fenfe or interpretation of any text,any articleoffaith con- cluded out of it, theonly caufé they doe or can beleeve them infallibly, is the Popes infallibilitie that commends them. The Churches or Popes propofall isnot onelya condi- tion