Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The Papi 1s makethePopes authoritie I25 Lion requisite, but the remortfirative root, the immedi- ate caufe and reafonof theirbeleevingdivine revelations. And if it bee a reafonwhy they beleeve them , and fway the miede to embrace the truth , then it is the proper eflîcientcaufe ofbeleefe. AccoFding to theirdo6frine, the Orthodoxall anfwer to this Interrogation, Why doe you beleeve thedo&rineof the Trinity tobe adivine Revela- tion ? is, becaufe theChurch propofeth it tomee for fuch, But bee that admits this anftiver for found andCatholike, and yet denies the Churches propofàll to be the true and proper caufe ofhis beleefe intheformerpoint , hath fmo- thered the light ofnature,by admitting tooartificiali a fub- tilte into his brains. Whatfoeverit bee, caufe, condi- tion, circumfiance, or efïea, that truly fatisfieth this demand, Why doe you beleeve this or that? it is a true and proper caufe of our beleefe, though not of the thing beleeved. Wee muff hereobferve that there is a twofold refoluti- on; Oneofthethings or mattersbeleeved or known,into their firfi parts or elements; Another ofour beleefe or perfwafions concerning them, intotheir,firfl caufesor mo- tives. Inthe one, the moil generaliorremotefi caufe ; In the other, the moil immediateor next caufe alwayes ter- minates therefolution. The one imitates , the other in- verts theorder ofcompofition. In the firf+acceptation the firft verity or divine infallibility is that into which our faith is laffly refolved. For this is the firfi (lep in the pro greffe of true beleefe, the loweff foundation whereon any Religion canbebuilt.But in the fecondacceptation (as we alwaies take thotZ! termes, when wee refolve our owne perfwafions) that is , for a refolutionofall doubtsor de- mands concerning the fubjedL whereof wee treat ; aRo- mane Catholiques faith, mini,according tohis Principles, finallybe refolved into theChurches or Popes infallibility. For this is the immediate ground , or firfi caufe ofanypar- ticular determinate point ofChrifiianFaith : and the im- mediate is aiwayes that, into which our perfwafions con- cerning