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i 13z Thebenefits and efeus ofFaith. J ohs 15. T otn 15.17. Epher.5. 3o Rom 8.1o. 2 Cor..3 3,5 Hot.,, t8, io. Aa'ío'43. Rom.3.t5>28 Acîs '3.39. Rom.9.3z.& t. 17.84 5 T. AaI5.9. col. z }2. Gal. 11.36 Gal 3.26. John t. iz iOib. tt.6. John ,.38,39: GalP3. =4 3't7 J'h° 5'3's' TOhn t.ts. & t .6, ea{. :.,o. John 4.14* Ephec3.17. Heb. 10.31, se 4. 14., Tic. 1./.5. t pet t. 5. i johu 5.4. orderly asthcyare fet downe in Scripture, wee finde them tobe there. Byfaithwe areengraffed into Chrif,andmadeone with him,iefhofhisfiefh, and bone ofhis bone,lively members of thatbody, whereofhe is the head : and by Chrifl wee are united untoGod. In Scripture tobe in Chrifl,and tobe in Faith, areput indifferentl By faith wee aremarriedunto Y Y. Chri(l, andhave communion with himin his death and re- furre6lion, he and all hisbenefits are truly and verily made y y ours; his name is put uponus, wee areluflified from the guilt and puni(hment of finne, wee are clothed with his righteoufneffe, wee are fanálified againil the power of finne having our nature healedand our hearts purified : wee draw vertue from him to die to finde, and live to righteonfneffe. By faith wee are admitted intothe Family of Abraham, become thechildren ,flight, are adopted to bee the Sonnes of God are madeacceptableuntohim as heiresoflife, untowhom willeth eternal' ble(fedneffe, and doe receive the promife of the Spirit. Byfaith wee abide in Chrift, and have perpetual' communion with him. It is the load(lone that looker ever toChrifl , asthat Both towards the North : and as that drawes ironunto it , fodoth faith joyneour hearts to Chrifl perpetually. By faithwe receiveofChri(ls fulnefl'e, have poffeflìon ofhim, doe live in him , and are forefrefhed by him , thatwe (hall never wither or feele fcarcity. Water in a ditchmaybee dried up , p fo cannot the and which is fed with continuali fprings. By faithChrifl dwelleth, and ruleth in our hearts, we have accelie to the throne ofgrace, the temporall gifts of God are fanétified unto us, all fpirituall blefingsare continuedand augmented inus, and we are kept to the fal- g vation tobe revealed. Faith overcommeth theworld ; the manifold ill examples of the multitude, which like a ra- gingilreame beares downe all before it, and the alluring fweet baites of the deceitfiill inchanting world, which are moll firong anddangerous; even whatfoever within us or without us would draw from the law of God : it quen-