Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The Bents andEfecisofFaith. 133 quencheth the fierie darts of theDevill, putteth:Satanto Ì 'r s 8,9 flight, and keepeth us fate from the mightie adveríarie of Matar;. ourfoules and falvation. Faithobtaineth ofGodwhat wee 1 Jon 5.1 askeagreeable tohis will, prevaileth with him, maketh .6. theordinances of Godfweet and comfortable , receiveth Máni..i6. what is profered in the Word and Sacraments,and ma- Rom.5.. keth that wee (hall never be afhamed or confounded. & ro., r. 1 Per.2.6. Faith encreafeth knowledge, enflameth . the heart with Ptó.2;.3.8c Jo.,6' love lron er thandeath, hotter than coales ofJuniper, John 6.63,69. s y which cannot be quenched with much water; (Erred] Gai.5,6. up camel fghes and groans, enlargeth the heart in Luke 7.47. I thankfialneffeand holy admiration , bloweth and quicken- ft in 6.?c eth zeale , renounceth Saban and all his workes, crucifi- Roy;s.1s. eth the flefh with the affeótions and lulls ; contemneth Gai 6.14. the world, fcorneth the bale and tranfitor leafures or HeeCSa1. , Y p,s.z;. profits whereby it Both allure towith-draw fromGod, and defpifeth the frownes, threats , and utmoll wrongs that it can doe , in refpe&of the love of God and Chrifl fefias,or hazzardinghis part in the eternall happinetï'e. It Rom g.r. armeth with patienceand invincible conflancy , breedeth 1 Pe[ 1'9' 2 Cor r g. peaceofconfcience and joyunfpeakeable, maketh valiant Phil.r .25. in the combate, flriving againft fin , courageous in diflii- Ron-1.14.7. i Per.i.8. culties, confidentindelperate dangers.; is accompanied Jahn 8.56. xi int./ ./2. with holy fecurity concerning the grace, proteion , and tieb,rr,; 4,; 5. love of God , joynedwith acertaine expe&ation of eter- 2 Chrora,.x i. & 20.12. nail íalvation, and affurance that all things (hall worke iJoi,,,;,21. together forthe hell. It feafoneth proíperitie,receiveth Luke 7.3o. Epkefa.8. earthly, blef ings as pledges of Godsfpeciall and Father- Rom.5,Zs, . ly love, and lifted' themup to fpirituall de: it fweetens Got 55 i.eb.6.1z. affíietions, fupporteth under them , teacheth to profit Heb.r 1.r. by them , beateth them meekely, expeleth deliverance, John C.56. andtriumpheth before the vi&ory. It feeth things invi- Hcb.11a1,1q,19. fible, affureth above likelihood, fenfe or reafon , allay- eth perplexing thoughts and feares, and breaketh off temptations. It flayeth upon the word of promife, and is confident of things, to reafon incredible, in nature impoflible, to fence dire&-contrary, becaufe God.hath. Kx _ faid