Ball - BT770 B3 1637

134 Pfal.27.t,2,13. Efay a8.1e. Dan. 6.23. Jet. 39.1g. iiom.11.20. Cor.413. 1 Tim. 3.13. Rorn.i.1 z. Píà1.16.3 Luk.z2 32,33 Jam. 5.11. kleb1u.3S,39 & 114i 37,8. 33,3+ Colnr.2., 2 th. t3. ROin.t1 a0.& 5.I 2. 4 .1. Ifay _o.30,3t. 1411. 4. 1t, t Pet. 1.3. EnheLz S. Rom 4.15,14. The Benefits andEfeasofFaith. faidthem. It preferveth from ill meanes ; labourethcón- icionably in the duties of our callings , yet withoutcove- toufnefle or difiraaing care ; fivalloweth thepainfulnefÍe ofhoner{ labour , andobtaineth many temporali bleffiings and deliverances, yea and fpirituall priviledges for our (elves, for our polrerity, and for others. Faith preferveth from falling, raifeth usagainebeing fallen,maketh courage- ous and hardy in the profeflìonofthe Gofpel , even tothe toileofgoods, liberty, and death it felfe : it fweetneth the communionofSaints,linkeththe heart in love to them that feare God, laboureth the converfion of them that goe a-. (tray , and thebuilding forward of them that bee called, and the comfort ofthem that bediftreffed in foule or body; maketh profitabe to thole that bee without, worketh rightecu`nefle,obtaineth agood report , &wholly refigneth it felfe to thewill ofGod.And to conclude,by faith wee are certified ofour ele6lion, are made wife unto falvation, doe Rand in grace, are affured oft rofperous fucceffe in what weegoe about, doe learne how to want and how to abound, and poflèffe all things when for the prefent wee have nothing in hand : are enriched with many fpirituall graces, are kept to our heavenly inheritance, and (ball bee glorified in the life to come. Thefe bee the found, . comfortable, enduring fruits offaith, inwhich refpe&who can but fay, that faith is an excellent grace, a rich jewel], a pearle of price, the Chriflian mans treafure? Faith is a principali thing, themerchandife thereof isbetterthan fil- ver, and the fruits thereof than fine gold. Without faith there is no plenty to man on earth : with faith there can beeno want ofany thingthat is good. For how can bee lacke any good thing, who hath God for his Father, Chrilt his Saviour, the holy Ghofe his fealer and comfor- ter, the Angels to guard him , Heaven his inheritance who bath Gods faithfull promiie, confirmed by oath and Peale, to fecure him of all things needfill, grace, com- fort and earthly bleflîngs , and ís kept by the power of God untofaivation ? But