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Man enely is capableof;JuflifyingFaith. 13 5 But here itmulßbeeobferved, that faith lothnot effeí andperforme.thefe things , byany excellencie , force, or efficacieofits owne above other graces , but in refpe&of the office whereunto it is affigned in the Covenant of grace. It is a caufeonely Inílrumentall, andthat isattri- buted unto it , which theprincipali caufe worketh. Faith jutlifies`notasrana& or quality , but asit reçeiveth Chrifl : faith purifieth not the heart ofit felfeibut as it is the in- firument whereby theSpirit worketh.. Whatfoever wee are made, wee are made it inChrill ; . and what- foeverfaithmakes tobeours, it is alto inÇhri. There- fore faith maketh not God tobeour God, but in Chrift : nor us the.childrenofGod , but in Chrifl. And whatfòe- ever grace is wrought in the heart ofany man , it is thegift ofGod, the workeofthe holyGhofl : but faith is the In- tlrument whereby the Spirit .cloth more and more renew and purifie ourhearts. §. a. Ofall creatures onely manis capable offaving or juflifying faith : not theblefted Angels, who never finned ; nor the evil) Angels, who are flint up in prifon, and referved in chaines of darküeffe againflxhedayofjudge- ment. The Saints in glorydoe injoy immediate fellowfhip and communion with Godby fight , and know moll perfealy andmofl cleareiy : But the light ofjuflifyingfaith, which doth include and fuppofè imperfe6ion , pertaineth to this life, in which we are in the way moving to perfection, not yet attained unto perfect) vifion. So that faith is proper unto man in this life , in hisjourney towards his perfect home and eternall habitation : but all men are not en- riched with this precious gift of mercy, and rare jeweil ofgrace. Airmen have notfaith. Many are not fo much as out- wardly called , the found, of the Gofpel bathnotreached unto them : manythatheare, underfland not ; benot af e- edwiththetruth :'and in fome that bee affeçled, the word takes not kindrooting > is notwell planted. Thofe K 4 to §:. Of creature: ...Mau onely ueac pable ofjufäifi- ingfoith. z_Pee.a.4. Thefr.3.a. Ifay 53.1 Matth.=1 a; & 13.11. Rom y.1$