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136 Man.onely is capable of.Juflifying Faith. Tit.1.1. Aas 1; .48. ßomanF. John to.u,x f,26 John 6.37,37. & 149.& 17.2,6. & 1$.11. Matti .28. Mare 1.1§ 1 John S.T. John 1.12,13. JJohn 6.44. Mara 13. Luke 24.47. Aas 1.37,35 Luke13 3. r John 1.9. aaï 11.18, towhomfaith is give re.defcribecttobe. theele/ of-God, the fheepeof Ch , and to be given of the Father unto Chrir%. The fubje&ofjuflifyingfaith is mana !inner, called ac- cordingto thepurpofeof God , acknowledging_his offen- ces, and hungringand thirfling after mercy. For nonebut a (inner can acknowledge Chrift for his Saviour, for he is the Saviour of(inners. Faith inChrifl for remiffïon of limes is neceffar)ì for themonely whohave offended : but every firmer cannot beleeve, everyone is not fit to receive the promifè of mercy. Theenemies of the GofpellofChrifl, worldlings, hypocrites , and all inwhom fin reigneth , can haveno true faith in Chrif} he onely is fit to embrace mercy, who knoweth that he is loft inhimfelfe, and un- fatiably delires to be eafed of the heavie burden of his fins. Faith is not a workenaturall, but fuper-naturall; not ofnature, but of grace ; not of thepowerofour free-will, but of theefiiicacieof Gods Spirit, wherebywe anfiver to theeffe6uall call ofGod, and come untohim, that we might be partakersof life eternall. The infufionoffaith is neceflarily precedent to the aá1 offaith, and grace to be- leeve is given beforewe layhold upon Chrifl. And if fa- ving-effectaallcallingbe precedent to faith, the fubje&of living faith is man favingly called according to the purpofe of Godswill. We can teach no faith to falvation , but ac- cording to theruleofChrifl, Repent, andbeleeve the Go- fpell; no remiflionof fins , but according to the like role. But faith feeketh and receiveth pardonas it is profered in thewordofgrace. Repentance is neceffarie to the pardon of fin, as a condition without which it cannot be obtai- ned , not as a cafewhy it is given. If mercy fhould be vonchfafed toall indifferently, the grace of God fhould, be a boulf}erto mansfinne, there (hould be nodifference betwixt the jufl and unjufl, the penitent and obflinate. Faith commeth to Chri(l asan humblepenitent petitioner, fuing to the throne ofgrace for what is promifed in the Gofpel,and itreceiveth accordingto the promifeofmercy. §.3. The