Ball - BT770 B3 1637

i 5 8 Fdthonce obtained isferroarfly toberegarded profit ofthe exchange , you need not tire arguments to perfwade him. Should Tome greatNoble-manmake` fuite of love toa meane perfonage; úpáncondition fhee would torfake her bale drudgerie for the - honours anddelights of a pace, e mnwould ptd. wele ouflyweigla th , that otio the Lord lbee Jefus acce callee td us And tóforiaifekë the ri- flefh-'pots of Egypt, andalienate our interell in the world and the flefli, with all their .appurtenances , that we might bee enriched with heavenly, ever-enduring pleafures, in phiy; s, companion whereofall earthlycontentrents are but dung and dogf-meat; that flee invites us to cat+ awayour har- lotry delights, that bee might marrie usgunto himfelfe, and intitle us unto his everlaf+iug kingdome4 it will not bee grievous toniakethii exchange. , But hereit mull be remembred, that it is not thepoífef- lion ofearthly things, or delightin them , that is forbid- den, but that poffelîion and delight inthem , which with- holdethusfromrefigningour felves unto Chrifl, and fee- king after the promifed land with all theheart and all the foule. It isnot the a6tuall abandoning ofriches, honour , or other contentments of thislife, which our'Saviour re- quires : but the difpofí'etling: of the heart of fuch bale de- lights, that the whole heart may bee let upon heavenly things -, and not with-drawne by fecret retervation of fpeciall delves for other purpofes. And being thus difpofed, wee receive Chrifl with wel-rooted affiance, and cleave to the ',mercy of God, as much better than life it felfe. §. 3.; Faith kindly planted muff be regarded -ferioufly and carefully confirmed. For Satan ufeth all meanes to weaken faith ,: yea , quite tofubvert and overthrow it. If an houle begin to fhrinke; or reele ofone fide, will wee not, put ;under foixte fhore ,to prop it up? Or ifany man queflion the Title of Land wee havepurchafed, will wee not fearchRecords , andufe means to ftrengthen it ? The malice of Satan in feeking by all meanes tobatter downe our faith, isfuflîcient to fnew the excellencie thereof, and §. g. Faíth once obtai- ned is ferioufly to be regarded. Luke 22.31. to