Ball - BT770 B3 1637

contained inthisfecondPart. afsift them in theexecution ofit, ibid. ;. The fervants ofGod have and doe beg grace to bring forth fruits worthy repentance and a- mendment oflife, p.374,37; 4. The faithful! havebound themfelves by covenant and oath to keep the righteous judgements of theLord, p375' f. God will perfe& the Ca- ving worke which he hath begun in any of hischildren, ibid. The ads of faith touching obedi- ence required. i. It makes a man wife to difcerne what is lawfull, good, and feafonable, p376 z. It curbes inordinate paf- fions, and overcomes all impedi- menís,remptattons,ddliicultiesand allurements to the contrary, p. 376377,378 3. It purifieth the heart, lea- foneth every facul íe of foule,qua- lifiethand ftrengtheneth naturali inclinations, altereth the Rate of everyappetite, and fo inableth to obey, P.378_ 4- Admirable in force and efficacy is the perfwafionof faith aboveall the oratory in the world, 13.378,379 5. Ìt dtfpofeth and moveth the heart to abfolute , uniforme, unpartiall and confiantobedience, P.3 79,380 6. It fires the heart with un- quenchable love, which in corn- parifon of obedience contemneth thewhole world, p. ;8o 7. Faith makes fenGble of our manifold infirmities:and that bathbleffed effècâs. J. It caufeth ferinos me- ditation upon theWord of God, that it mightLinke deepe into the heart, p.381 z. It worketh the heart often to renew its refolution,tru- fling in Gods grace, ibid. 3. It ilirres up earne@ and hearty prayer; to bee taught upheld, and confirmed, pag.38z 38z 8. It doth confirme in obe- dience,and prick forward therein, though it be inmanifold andbit- ter perfecutions, p.38z,383 Meants how toquickenour faith to the chearef ill praftice of that duty, whereunto wee find our felves dull and fluggifh. r, Wee muff acknowledge and bewaile this dulneffe and floth,make it hateful!, and fhamc our (elves for it before the Lord, p383,384 z. Call upon our foules by many powerful! and firong per- fwafions to awake to the worke ofGod w ith livelinefle, pag.3 8 5, 386 3. Pray to the Lord that he would revive and quicken us, p. 386 4. Renew our refolution to walke withGod, uniting in his grace, ibid. CHAp. X. CHrifiians are allowed to live by faith in the dutiesof their vocation. For, i. God hath commanded tas to Iabour in a calling , t. Prefcribed the bounds of our calling, 3. And promifed his blefsing to our honeft endeavours , pag. 387 388, It is necèf ary wee thould live by faith