Ball - BT770 B3 1637

e4T4ble oftheprincip411matters faith to the duties of our voca- non. s. To prevent the evils which beret us in our ordinary callings , as covetoufnefle , inju- ftice, impatience, and diftrafting care, p.3 88 z. That worke is not accep- table, which is not done in faith, P3S8,399 The ads of faith in refpeet ofthe dutiesof our calling. s. It informeth to make choice of an honeft vocation for which wee are fitted , and into which wemayenter by good and lawfull meanes, p.389 z. Faith inllruâeth not to meddle above our knowledge, but to leane upon the livingGod, not on our skill or cunning, pag. 389 0 3. It quickeneth 'the moll skilful! workman to ftrive with God in prayer, that theworke he fetteth about might fucceed well, and profper, P.390 4. It caufeth diligence, care, uprightnefle and fáithfulneffe in all the workes, a&ionsand bufi- nefíe of our calling , asknowing that whilefi wee walke honefily therein,we do fervice to theLord, P39°,391 4. It encourageth to the molt dfficult, painefull, and (in theworlds efteeme) difgracefull workes of ourcallings, pag. 391 z 6. It firengtheneth againft manifold troubles,difgraces,oppo- fitions and difcouragements that men meet withal! in their places, P.39z,393 7. It direaswifely to order the affaires of ourcalling, and to goe about them in good manner, 8. It teacheth to moderate cares, confine defires of earthly things , and commit our felves to God for the fuccef a of our work; p.3933394 9. It fupportetkr with flrength patiently to beare the ca- lamities that accompany us in our callings, P.394,395 ro.Faith refiraine,h diftruft- full care concerning the fucceffe ofour labours, but is not flacke to crave Gods bleflìug upon our labours, p,39S r t. If wee findwifhed fuc- ceffe, it makes vigilant, frugal!, humble,mercifttll and thankefull, r z. Faith coupleth the3l bours ofour callingwith the pra- Mice of Chriftianity, p.396 How wee should live by faith touching the fucceffe of that worke whereunto wee are cal- led, which wee finde to bee much above our Strength or meanes. s. Faith caufeth (elfe don, all in refpeft of judgement, vvif- dome, and power, p.396,397 z. It teacheth fubmiflion to Gods díration, and dependance upon his aid,helpe, and afliftance, p.397,398 The props of this faith are two. r. The exa& infinite vvif- dome of God , who knoweth what meanes bee fit to bee tiled now,and what not, p.398 z. Gods providence which rules in every thing which falls out,even the leaft matters, -ibid. 3. Faith thus underprop- ped bringeth forth induffry and endeavour 4