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contained in this fecondPart. endeavour to obferve God in his providence, P398.399 4. Faith cannot bee filent . Hee that beleeveth will pray, P.399 q. It putteth life and har- dine& into us, ibid. 6. It waiteth uponGod for good fucceffe, and triumphethbe- fore the victory, ibid. 7. Faith is ready and for- ward to praife God for good fuc- cefle, 1.399.4c0 CHAP. XI. THere be many promifes made in Scripture, that God will blelìe his owne ordinances to his peoples good, pag.400,4ot 401 Therepromifes are firme grounds whereupon the faithful' may build thisaffiance , that by the corifcionable ufe ofGods holy ordinances, lice thall bee made wife unto falvation, &c. pag. 40I The ferions meditation of' thefe things is exceeding profitable to quicken and encourage un- to chearefull and constant at. tendance upon God in his or- dinances, P.401,40.3 It is necellary to live by faith in the ufeof Gods ordinances. For, a. It availethnot to live un- ,der the Gofpel, if it beenot recei- Ved infaith, p.403 z. It is not fufficient tohave faith, but it muff bee exercifed to receive that grace, which the Word ofGod Both reachuswith the Peale, ibid. The ads of faith in the ufe of Gods ordinances. s. It teacheth to worthip the true God purely, pag. 403 404 z, It delighteth greatly to behold the face of God in his Sanduary, P.404,405 ;. It feeketh acquaintance withGod, and the knowledgeof his will in jefus Chrift, p.4oç 4. It gleweth the heart dole to the Word , receiveth and pof- feffeth the good things promifed, and changeth the difpofition of foule into the nature of theWord, p 4c6 T. It quickeneth to ferve God in the ufe ofall his ordinan- ces with diligence, chearefulneffe, andbelt endeavour, p.4o6,4o7 Parents thotald in faith prefent their' children to God in Bap- tifine, p.407 The ads of faith in this particu- lar. r. It calleth to remem- brance the free and graciousco- venant, which God hath made with beleeving Parents and their pofterity, p-4°7,408 z. By faith the beleeving pa- rents mutt give themfelves unto God,chulinghim to be their por- tion, andreigning themfelves in all things to bee guided by his Word, p 408' ;. It provokes Parents to of- fer their children unto God by hearty and unfained prayer, as Toone as ever they have received them from him, ibid. 4. It confidereth whata fin- gular prerogative it is, tobe ado- ally admitted into Covenant with God , received into his family