Ball - BT770 B3 1637

ellTable ofthe principalimatters family , andto have his name put lupon us, P.409 Fervent effeetuall prayer doth ac- f company thefe meditations of faith, ibid. s. It flirreth up hearty re- joycing in , the Lord , that hee bath .vouchfafed in tender corn, pillion to Tooke upon them and their pollerity , and thus to ho- nour and advance them, pag.4o9 410 6. It flirreth up parents to be diligent and carefull to bring up their children in the infor- mation and feareof the Lord, p. 410 By faith wee fhould make a right ufe of our Baptifme all the dayes ofour life, .pag.4to. 41r The ufe to.bee madeofBaptifme is twofold. . x.It ferves to be a pledge and tokenofGods favour:for x. It is aPeale ofour Rege. neration by the holy Spirit,, pag. 411 z. It confirmeth tintous the. free pardon and forgiverief 'e of our fines, ibid. 3. Baptifme is a pledgeof the vertue of Chrilis death, and of our fellowship. therein, ibid. 4. It is an a pledge of the venue ofChtifls life, and ofour communion with him therein, ibid. ;. Baptifme is a pledge.of ouradoption in Jefus Chtift, pag. 41Z 6. a folemne teflimony of our communion with all the lively members of Chrifl Jefus, ibid. 7. It is a feale and pledge toafihre, that God will provide for us in this life, raife upour bo- dies unto life at the laft day of Judgement, and bellow uponus that everlaf ing Kingdome and in- heritance,which he hach prepared, ibid.. z.It is a kale ofour duty pro mifed. r. It is a fpurre to repen- tance and mortification , pag. s. It is a provocation unto faith, and a pledge thereof, pag. 415 3. It is an incitement unto new obedience , and a pledge thereof, p.415,416 4. It is a pledge and pawne of love and unity, p.416 Thenew exercife of faith is re- quired in the worthy receiving of the LordsSupper, ibid. The aEls offaith in receiving the Lords Supper. I. By it eve difcerne the Sa- crament to be the holy Ordinance ofGud, inilituted for our fpeciall good and benefit, fealing unto us the promifes, which God of his free mercy hash made us in Jefus Chrift, p.416,417 z. By it wee fee.what the Lord doth offer unto us therein, how excellent and precious it is . with what aliúrance it is freely tendered, and may be received, p. 417 3. It íharpeneth fpirituall appetite, and flirreth up hungring. and thirfling after Chrifl. and his benefits,; ibid. 4. It earneflly contendeth for mercy, con£efling. finne with. griefe and hatred, &c. ibid. ç.By