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4 Faith tènporarieandJtaflifyin . .Znncb dere- ces, but the fame grace exercifed about divers obje6ls, The . dempt.iib. i.c grounds of faith are different , and foare the effe2s and ad'uncls that flowfrom thence : butthe grace it felfe one The Ode F"4`'" and the fame. As theFathers beleevedfpeciall revelations l and extraordinary promifes made to them, by the fame or- dinary faith bywhich we beleeve the common promifes of falvation revealed in the Word: fo the fingular pro- rnifes of Godmade tolbmeBeleevers,concerning thewor- king ofmiracles, were embraced by the fame faith by which they did adhere to the generali promifes of mercy, or were raifèd up to the doing of aáás of love. For that faith which doth receive the moreexcellent promifes ( as are theyconcerning ipirituall life and falvation) can much more layhold upon ocherpromifes ofan inferiour nature, if they bemade andcertified untous. Faith Tempo- That faith which is carried to the generali promifes_, is rary. eitheraconfidence vanithrng, uncertaine, not-rooted, cal. Mat.1 ;.zost. led faith temporary, . or anaffiancecertaine,well- planted, Luke i3, 4 8. , _ conflant,knowne-by thename ofjuflifying or faving faith; fo called from the principal! of. e . For to juflifieis not the full effea ofthis confidence or affiance beyondwhich the efficienèieof it doth not extend : but becaufe this is the principal!thingwherein theforce oftrue faith is occupied, Juflifying it is Lb called. juftifying faith beleeveth thehiflory,puri- Faith. fieth the heart , flicketh to the Commandements, recel- Luke IS.Iq, veth the temporal! promifes, worketh by love : but it is Mat s ;:.z ;. called uflif in from the ; rinci all effec as thefoule is Aès 24.14 1 Y p p , As 15:9, called reafonable from thepower itbath to invent, judge, Pfal 119.66. anddilcoqrfe, notthat- thefe are heroiety faculties. In the As Z7=5. Scriptures of the NewTeflamentthis faith is unfolded in Gal.s,6. Rom.g... . thele andInch likephrafes, To beleeveGod,To beleeve in or- John f 24. upon God, Tobeleeve inor upon 3efut Chriff , To receive Aas 16.34. & him, To receive the teflimonieof God, To beleevethe Go- ,18.1. fpel.To receive.the WordofGod- lkom. 4.1. T.beleeue God:Ggnifiesnomorebut to afï'ent to that 933 which theLordfpealçeth: but belee-ving , as it belongs to the underflanding,istheroot and foundation from which confidence