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Not thehabit, but the ofFatah required. 5 confidence of the heart doth fpring and flow : and fuch a AFs 3= beleeve in the mind isfignified in this and all other phrafes, Joh.1.t r.& 3.=s. as is alwayes neceifarily accompanied with trufling in Jul'. r.ra.ä 3.33. Mark.1.15. God, for that which wee beleeve beecan and willbring to Ans ìt.1. & paffe. And the otheroftrufling to, or relying upon is im- a = Cor.a 4. plyed, whenfoever wee find that afcribed to beleeving whichcannot be obtained without faith inChrifc. And if wee fearch the Scriptures, wee ihall find thefephrafes, To beleeveaGod,and to beleeve in God, to import one and the famething ,A.prc o- Rion b is added to beleeve, when no- thing but affent of mind is fignified : & it is put without a eprepoftionwhen trufl or confidence is d Rom. ;.zz,a5. implied.dMoreover, Aàs 3.16. wee read fometimes Gal-2.16. P:iil.3. y. the faith of L'hrif, t Pet=.z1. the Heathen greeks ufe ie for siic, as Xenophon, eh Q¡ faith which is by .9oi sr %raze). .0 rift : fometime s Ga1.3.36. faithan Chri. l, and fometimesfaith in Chrift : which feve- B yne1n Fhef rail formes offpeech note much the famething, but that (as =.1 j. Do&.a. Tome learned menobferve) the fira maybe conceived, as propoundingChrill the fimple objeóloffaith : The fecond phrafe, Chrifl the Obje&, togetherwith our adhering to him : The third noteth Chrifl the obje&, our inhering in him, together with the word propounded as theway and meane, bywhich we comebeleevingly to inhere in him. §. 4. But evermore when faith is required, it is not the § 4 `lot thehabit, facultie, wherebyweareapt, and furnifhed tobeleeve, but but the all of the act and exercife ofthat habit, whereby we execute the Faith to required. funétíonof beleeving, which is tobe underflood. For this is that whichGodcommandeth in theScriptures, not that B 4 our a Rom.4 3.with Rom.4.S,z to,tt.Joh.$. 3o,3z.An 19.4. Job,' 12. A&.tó.34. with 31. Mark. 1.15. Gena5.6. withRom.4.3. b Exod.r4.3t. and 59:9. Luk z4. zi Joh.s,23. c Joh.9. 35, 38. Efay 28.16.with Rom.9.33. The Hebrewprepofition ferveth ofrentimes to note the aceufative cafe, and is ufed or omitted withoutanydifference,Deut.7.6,71 Sam.14.37.Efa. ;3.15Job14.61. Deut.28.a6. Pfal.zo6 tz,a_.. Flay 43.10. The Seventie cranflate the particle timesby is,Jeremaz.t.'a Chronao.zo.Pfal.78.3z. ordinarily by dn'. Pfa1,4.6. and 12.4,5 anti z3z. and 37.3. Pfa1.n$.8,9. and 146.3 Sometimes they omit it altogether, Exod.14.3t. and 59.9. Pfal.ro6. tz. Gen /5.6. and fumetimes theyaddethe prepofi- tion, where the Hebrewpath no particle, Efay ï3.z6, In the New Tellement, sie and b are often putinterchangeably one for another. Mark.t9. & 2.1. Mat.zt.r. Marr.t5. Lukz3.42,. Rom 5. zt. Gal c.zo. Phil. 3.3. 5 T%m.3 r6. Ephef6.2.4. And