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Chron4o.20. Mark.t.i5. Mark 9.23. Joh.1.12. & 14.1 Joh.3.18. Aas 8.37. Rom.nr5. tJoh.3.23. Ephef2.8. Aas 26.31. GaLx.t6. Aas13 39.& 10.43. Rom.4.3. Deut 9.13 PfaL78.2t,22. Luk.t.45. JOh.2O.29. Rom933. Whatjuftifyin; Faithü our foules be adornedwith the habit of faith, though that beneceffarie, butthat wee beleeve in him. Beleeve in the Lordyour God. Repentyee andbeleeve the Gofeel. Ifthou canft beleeve, all thingsare pofble to himthat beleeveth. But as many as receivedhim, to them heeeveright to be- come the font of God ; even to them that beleeve on his Name. Tee beleeve in God,beleeve alfo inmee. Hee that beleevethon him is not condemned. Ifthou beleeverrb with allthineheart,thonmayeft. The Góf jel is thepower ofGod unto falvation, to everieone that beleeveth. This is his Commandement ,that wefhould beleeveon the name ofhis fon Jefus Chrift.weareravedby faith ,isall one with that, Beleeve on the Lord Jefue ('hrift, andthou(halt be faired. Weare juffifiedbyfaith, is allouewith that,Byhim all that beleeve are juftified from all things, from whichyeecould notbe juJlified by the Lawof Mofes. Whofoeverbeleeveth in him fhall receive remifon offins. Abraham beleeved god, and it was imputed tohimfor righteoufneffe. And therefore the Ifraelitesare reprehended,that theybeleeved not in the Lord : Afirewas kindled again`? Jacob, and an- ger altocame up againif Ifrael: Becaufe they ;beleevednot in God, and trufied not in hisfalvation. None but thofe beleevers are praifed ; Bleffed is (he that beleeved. Becaufe thouhail feenemee, thouhail beleeved; bleffed are they which have not feene, and yet have beleeved. Whofeever beleeveth on him, allnot beafhamed. § 1. What iut8ifying Faith is. CHAP. II. Ofthe Author andworker bfFaithjuflifying. §. i. U(lifyingfaith, which not onely beleeveth God I (peaking in his Word , but embraceth alldivine truth as containing the chiefe good ofman, as being the mo(I perfeó}, doth necefl'arily requirebefore it faith hiflo- ricall, and comprehend all other kinds underit. It may be defined,