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46 JaftiEying Faith cannot be without Love. y JAS.Y. Joh.1. t2,13. 2 cor.5.17. 2 Pet.1.q. Ca1.220. R0111.1117. J011.1'5.1,2. a z Job 4.15' b Rom 1.17. Joh.3 36.& 6.40. c 11011.2.9,o. 1 Joh.4.19. proper and diflin6l fruit. But inch ails are laid to be of faith, becaufe the dodlrine of faith enjoyneth them , the 'venueof faith inclines thefoule unto them, moveth chari- tieunto the exercifeofthem, anddireeleth and quickeneth theaets themfelves, withoutwhich theywould be livelefr"e and out of fquare. Faith doth beget love, not that one habit dotti beget another, but that faithdoth excitemen to the works of charitie. Thus the habits of faith and love be coupled in infufion; the exercife of faith and Iove bee infeparably conjoyned; and theaéls of lovebee the ef- feóls of faith. Everie one thatbeleeveth z'6orne ofGod; hethatis in- grafted into Chrifl by faith is a new creature, and made partaker of the divine nature : But hee that is borne of God, is endued with the graceof love. The livelymem_ bers of Chrifl Jefus, which receive from him the fap of grace, cannot be utterly deflituteof true charitie : * Butall true Beleevers are living members ofChrifl Jefus. a Flee that beleeveth, abideth inGod, and God inhim : but in whomGod abided), inhim is love, b Everie true Beleever doth live fpiritually, and where true faith is, there is true life : but hee that lives fpiritually, and is tranflated from death to life, isaltoendued with thegraceoflove. He that beleeveth is in the light, and abideth therein : e but no man isin the lig-lt,who loveth not. FaithandHope bein- feparabie : but it cannot bee, but wee fhould love thofe things, which wee already know, embrace, tafle, andhope tobefingularly good. Faith receiveth and refleth upon the mercieofGod, as ourfoveraigneGood : but it isnot pofli_ ble fora man truly toknow and embrace the chiefefl good, and-yet to with-hold affeólion from the love ofit. It is faith,which lettingGodbefore us filch an one as heis, wife, mighti.e, ju[k, mcrcifiill, lovingandgracious towardsus, en- amoureth ourhearts, and flirreth in us afteQionscorrefnon_ denttohis grace : neither is there any fparke of true love, which is not kindled by this meanes. Wee love God, be- castlehe loveth usfirfl : but nothing can feafon andof e& the