Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. tiú Baxter was not above his Brethren Miniflers, by a Superiour Title, or any fecular advantage, but by his divine endowments and fepa- rate excellencies, his. extraordina- ry wifdom, zeal, and fidelity : he was the Soul of that Happy So- ciety. He continued among his beloved people, till the year i 66o. then' he carne to London. Awhile after the King's Reftoration, there were many Endeavours ul'd in order to an Agreement between theEpifco- pal and Presbyterian Minifters. For this end feveral of the Bithops elet, and of the Miniflers, . were call'd toattend the King at Wor ce/ler-Houfe there was read to them a Declaration , drawn up with great wifdom and moderati- on, by the Lord Chancellor the Earl of Clarendon. T ihall onely obferve that in reading the feveral parts of the Declaration, Dr. Mor- ley 95,