Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 105 in vain, but in violence, to autho- rife their hard Speeches, and har- der Actions againft them. Some drops of that Storm fell upon Mr. Baxter, who calmly fubmit- ted to their injurious dealings. I íhall fpeak of that afterward. In the Interval, between hisDe- privation and his Death, he wrote and publifht the moft of his Books, ofwhich I íhall give foreaccount. His Books, for their number and variety of Matter in them, make a Library. They contain a Treafure of Controvertial, Ca- fuiitical, Pófitive and Praóical Di- vinity. Of them I thall relate the Words of one, whofe exact Judgment, joyn'd, with his Mode- ration, will give a great value to his Teflimony; they are of the very Reverend Dr. Wilkins,, after- wards Bithop of Chefer : faid that Mr. Baxter had cultivated e- very Subject he handled ; and ifhe had