Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

( 3 o A Funeral-Sermon on Gen. 49 Hope, 0Lord, Ihave waited for is. thySalvation. Yob fays, Tho he kill me, yet will I trail in him that is, for his Almighty Mercy in the next State. The Pfal- mift expreffes his Confidence, ECal.73.24 Thos wilt guide me by thy Coun- fel, andreceive me into thy Glory. After the fafe concluding him through a World of Troubles and Temptations, lie would bring him to Heaven, a Place of equal Purity and Glory. Da- vidwhen he was in preffing Pe- Pfai.3i. 5. ril, addreffes to God, Into thy Hands I commend my Spirit, to be preferved as a precious De- pofitum ; thou haft redeemed me, 0 Lord God of Truth. His Af- furance is built on God's Right and Title to him, Thou haft re- deemed me, and his everlafting Fidelity. The Apoffle (peaks 2 core. r. with full affurance, We know that if our earthly Houle of this T aber-