Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. the comfortable Meffage, that they fhould prefently be with God. 3. The Divine Power,in con- junaion with Love and Truth, is the Foundation of our fecure dependance upon God in our laff Hours. This Confideration is abfolutely neceffary for our fure Truff For Love without Power is ineffeaual, andPower without Love ofno comfortable Advantage to us. The Apoffle gives This reafon of his chearful and couragious Sufferings in the Service of God, For I know in whom 'I have believed, and am perfwaded he is able to keep what I have committed to him, till that Day. His Faith refpeaed the Promifes of Godconcerning his Salvation, which are infinitely fure, the Divine Power being alfufficient to fulfil them. The PreciousDepofitum that is corn- D 3 mitted 2. Tim. 1.