Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

8 A Funeral- Sermon on witted to his dear Care, he can andwill preferve inviolate. The Father of fincere Believers, is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, who by his Word, without the leaft ftrainof his Power, made the World, and preferves it from falling into Confufion. 'Tis theEffence of Faith, toof Pure us ofGod'sAlmighty Mer- cy to all that have the true Cha- rap ers of his Children, that are qualified for his Salvation. Our Redeemer joins the two Relati- ons of our Father and our God; the gracious and the glorious Relation are infeparable. Now the 'Love of our heavenly Fa- ther engages the Power of our God, that we (hall want no- thing to fécure our Happiness, that is within theobjea ofOm- nipotence. J (hail infill no further upon theConfderation of the Divine rower;