Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

M . Richard Baxter. Power, becaufe it will return under fome of the following Heads of Difcourfe. II. The Bleffednefs of this Privilege is tobe unfolded. This will appear bycon(dering, Fírft, What is the Depofi- tum, theThing that is intruII- ed in God's Hands. Secondly, What is implied in his receiving of it. In anfwer to the firíf ; 'Tis the Soul, themore excellent and immortal Part of Man, that is commended to God's keeping. 1. 'Tis our more excellent Part in its Nature andCapacity. Man is a compounded Crea- ture, of a Body and a Soul : the Body in its Original and Re- folution is Earth ; the Soul is of a divine Defcent, a fpiritual Subliance, and in the Nobility and Perfe Lions of its Nature, D 4 but