Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

70 4 Funeral-Sermon on fon and Underftanding, Mould prefume in a high degree of the prefent Favour of God, and their future Happinefs, as if they were his dear Children, when their Enmity againft his holy Name and Will is evident in their Anions. We can never have too firm a dependance on God's Promife, wl'en we are qualified for that Dependance. Come out from a- a Cor. 6. monk them, and be ye feparate, 1 ' 8' faith the Lord ; and touch not the unclean thine, and I will re- ceive you, andwill be a Father to you, faith the Lord Almighty. Faith that purifies the Heart and Converfation, invefts us with this bleffed Privilege, and ail the faving Mercies annex'd to it. (2.) From the Vritual Re- lation between God and Belie- vers, there naturally and necef farily