Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

r_ Mr. Richard Baxter. i 1 farily reluits a fincere, dutiful, child-like Love to him, corre- fpondent to his beneficent and fatherly Love to them . This God indifpenfably requires, and fpecially delights in ; Thou lo- veil Truth in the inward Parts. Pal. V. Filial Obedience is infeparable from filial Love in its Reality : For this is the Love of God, that IJoh.5. 3. we keep his Commandments. Our Saviour diítinguifines between fincere Lovers of him, and pre- tended, that they who love him, keep bis Commandments ; but John 14, they who love him not, keep not 23' 24. his Commandments, The Obedience that fprings from Love to God, is uniform, refpeas all his Commands : for the two filial Affe&ions, anar- dent Defre to pleafe God in all things, and an ingenuous Fear . of difpleafinghim in any thing, are infeparably joined with. F 4 our