Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

A Funeral- Sermon on our Love to him. The Obedience that proceeds from Love, is free and volunta- ry, from Inclination as well as Duty. How paffionately does the holy Pfalmifi exprefs his Affeaion, O how I love thy Law! In the Covenant of Grace, God promifes to write his Law in the Hearts of his Children not oft- ly in their Minds and Memov ries, but to endear it to their Affeaions. There is much difT ference between fervile and confirain'dObedience, and fiui al chofen Obedience, as between the Motion of a living Man from the Soul,theinwardSpring of Life, and the Motion of an Image or Statue from forcible Weights and Wheels. From filial Love proceeds godly Sorrow, if at any time ky Carelefnefs and Surprize, or over-powering Temptati- C11;,,