Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. RichardBaxter. 73 on, his Children dowhat is of- fenfive and odious in his fight® Whentheyconfidertheirunkind and unthankful Returns for his Mercies, they look to their Heavenly Father with Grief and Shame, and down upon themfelves with Abhorrence and Indignation : They are wounded with the fling of that Expoftulation, Do ye thus re- quite the Lord, 0 foolifh PeopleDeut.32.6 ,end unwife ? Is he not thy Father who bought thee ? From filial Love proceeds a Zeal for his Glory ; IfIbe a Fa- ther where is my Honour ? A. Child of God is dearly concer- ned that his Name be reveren- ced and magnified, his Laws be obfervcd, his Worfhip main- tained, that his Intereft be ad- vanced in the World. He has a burning Zeal againff Sin and Plat. 69; prefumptuous Sinners, The Pro-