Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

{ A Funeral=Sermon on Prophet Elijah fays, Ihave been jealous for the Lord of Ilofls for the Ch; ldren ofIfrael have fort ;'.en thyCovenant,and thrown dowit thine Altars. Thole who with an indifferent Eft fee the Caufè, the Truth, the Intereft of God deprefs'd in theWorld, do renounce the Title of his Children. From the Relation to God as bis Sons, proceeds a fincere fer- vent Love to all theSaints. St, Joh. 5. I. Yohn infers, Every one that lo- veth him that begat, loves him that is begotten. Grace is not lets powerful in producing cor- dial mutual AffeEions between the Children of the fame Hea venly Father, than the fubordi- nate Endearments of Nature. Notwithfianding the civil Di- ftinaion between them, Tome high and rich, others mean and poor, yet there is a fpiritual Equa-