Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. be in their Father's Houfe, and his revi ing Pretence for ever. 3. Let us be perfwaded to prepare for the reception of our. Souls in the next World. The prefent Life is a Paffage to E- ternity, and 'tis fo Mort and fa- ding, fo uncertain and hazar- dous, that 'tis our principal Wifdom without delay to fe- cure our Souls in the future State. OurSaviour fays, Imuff work the Work ofhim that rent John 9m me while it is Day : the Night cometh when no Man can work. Now is the accepted Time, now is the Day of Salvation. 'Tis our indifpenfàble Dutyand mainIn- ter& now, to work out our owl% Salvation with fear and trem- bling. In the {late of Death there is an Incapacity to do any thing in order to Salvation There is no Work nor Wifdom ias the Grave : and all the Offers of Sal- i7