Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. chang'd to good, and the good to better. Converfion is the Excel- lent Work of Divine Grace : the Efficacy of the Means is from the Supreme Mover. But God ufual- ly ymakes thofe Minifters fuccefs- full in that Bleffed Work , whofe principal Deign and Delight is to glorifie him in the faving of Souls. This was the reigning Aífetion in his Heart ; and he was extraor- dinarily qualified to obtain his End. His Prayers were an Effufion of the moft lively melting Expreffi- ons, and his intimate ardent Af- feaíons to God ; from the a- bandance of his Heart his Lips fpak°e. His Soul took Wing for Heaven, and. rapt up the Souls of others with him. Never did i fee or hear a holy Minifter addrefs himfelf to God with more Reve- rence and Humility, with refpeo`t to his glorious Greatnefs ; never with ,