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andDecrees of (jot!, &c.. 6.\ 436. rt. The objeft of the grace of this Covenant proper to the ni fible Church, and common to zts members, ate vifible chroians, or Ba- ptized Profeffaurs. 437.. r?. The obje&of the firfi eßfedtual grace of raving Converfion ( faith and repentance) is certain perlons Redeemed and brought under the obligation of this new Covenant; Of whom fome are prepared by common grace, and ( it's like) Come arenbt. 438. 13. The objc& of thegift of pardon, juftification, adoption, die. i'pirit of fandttfication and right to life, ( and all this its Chrift by union ); is a Penitent Believer,and the feed offaith dedicated in Covenant to God. 439. 14. The objeft of many as of auxiliary grace, and of higher degrees of grace is (ordinarily) fuch as have well ufed former degrees of fpecial grace : But alfo, who God is freelypleated to give it to. 440. 15. The object of the graceof Perfeverance is the fame laßt men- tioned : If not all the.Juftified i which Ì referve as almoft our only re- al Controverfie to handlein its proper place in the next Chapter. 441. 16. The objeft of theAllof Raftingthe dead is all the world, as appeareth in7oh. 5, zz. CO 32. 44z. 17. The objeft of theJuftification of the foul alone at the firft appearanceis, the foul of a member of Chrift, or one faithful and perfe- Auguft. ad Simplic. ii. r, vering in his Covenant or a Saint. qu. 2. is non invent 18. The obeçt of the final juftification of the whole man is a Dens opera in no nit pros 443 ) ) > qua el,gat,ideo manirpro- Saint rifen from thedead. pofitxm lujtifcatioule 444. 19. The objeft of Glorifying Grace, is a member of Chrift, en quia fled rennet, ut rujsifirn credenter, idea or aSaint thus finally Juftified ( either in foul firft, or in foul and body invent opera qua jam eti_ after as is laid. ) gat adrognon c elorxm. 4445. an. The objeft of Gods greateft felicitating complacency is the Glorified Churchof all the holyones : And the objet of his utmoft uni- verfal complacency in the Creature, is the Glory ofhis image shining on the whole Univerfe in perfeftion (As the objeft (as we may call it) ofhis Effential Volition, Love or Complacency, is Himfelf.) And as there are the objels of the grace thus diftinguifhed by the ef- ' felts, foare they of the will or Decree of giving it, as denominated ac- cording to the order.of Execution. Betides which Davenant on one ac- count, and Tw f fe on another grant that road media there is no other for man toknow. 446. By this it appeareth that the corruptedMai limply confideredwas the objet of no one of all there graces. But the Corrupted Mafs as Judged firft, and after as Redeemed, and after_ as under Covenant, ere., Much left was it anyof eaof God, ascorrupt. 447. The corrupted Maß' judged, wasnot as fuch the objeft of Gods difcrimination by Eleftion of fome, and rejeftion of others : For they were commonly brought all under the Covenant of Grace, and hada com- mon fort of grace, before the difcrimination. i SECT.