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too Ofthe.?1Nature,IKno ledgegWill Gods Goodnefs, this abundantly fuffaceth to prove it defirable to We fay that this evilwhich we affirm to be willed ofGod, is not at all evil as it isobjeeeed to thewill of God, but as to the will of thecreature, being_ forbidden thecreature, but not forbiddenGod. Anfw. Shall we preach thus to the people t Will this Doctrine con- vert fouls to repentance or faith in Chrift e 1. The queflion is not, Whe ther to will fin be fin in God? But Whether he will and caufe the fin of man? which youfadly áffert; z. Gods Glory is our End, and to forbear things prohibited is but the means: If fin conduce asmuch as Chrifl and Holinefs to Gods Glory, why may we not delire itfish ratiooiemedii, though "not as pneceptum? We muff defre that whichis moft conducible to GodsGlory. 3., Though God be under noLaw, his Perfetiion of Natureand Willi the fountain of allLaws; and infteád of a Law to him. And we muftbe Holy becaufe our God is Holy. 4. It is Hill falfe that fin isany Medium to.Gods Glory or defirable, or hath any good. ., or which vid. Gibieufat 5. God is Good and delighteth to do good. Andhe is theJuli Ruler to ge , of the World : And I wouldnot haveKingstake fuch Juftice fora pattern, as you defcribe, as if God vehemently forbad fin , and fent his,. Son, and Spirit, and Minifters as an Army againft it into the World, and willdams Auguft. de Nat. se Grat. men for it for ever, and yet willethand caufeth'ic, as fomrrsè conducibile r. ay. fol. grq. Non hoc to his Ends, and faith [ It is not evil to me, though it be to you. I'le-tor. eis dicïmus quad fibi ifte > , (Pelagius ) oppofrit, ut ment you for doingit, though it was by my Will and predetermination. ] efet ece ,f,,i,cord ;æ And what Juftice fhouldKings rather imitate than Gods ;r Dea, necefarium foil¢pe- catum: utinannon faiffet 6. Sin is not malamDeo (C., as toHart him; or make himGuilty. But rrtiJeria , tie i/ta efjet ma- it is, fo as to be a violation ofhis Lams, and a contempt and difhonourto. Ericordia ibid. cap aria. 31. Et hisWifdom, Goodnefs, Greatnefs,Authorit , JoiJlice, Mercy, Truth, tÿ°c attires Dei confiner?: fate- If all the World joyned inhating andblafpheming God that made them, or me; P mute , cur ¢team. though you, fay, thatthis isnot malumDei,but malumnoftri, and therefore ip(,tmfu grbiam in reíte laths animo infdi-God may will it- útfiat asa deferable thing, we cannot be content with arur bumano, non cito tie- fuch.confufion. Malign is either Phyficum vel morale. and eitherin ali- us fanet, pro qua fanan- da ill; p! ' animæ cam quo or contra aliquem. God is not capable i...Of Phyfical Evil in him, lacrymia d magma ge- fell, and therefore we cannot hurt him ; z. Norof Moral Evil, and there= mitibus Applicant, ut ad gam, fupgrandam. dr quo- fore he can have no fin or malignity. 3. But he is capable objectively of damrgoao c tcandam dr Injury; we can wrong him whenwe cannot hurt him. 4. And we areca- natieabáaPo .deatram pable of being Reputative vel moralizerThorters and deflroyers of God; Even VafqueK the iefa- whom wecannot. hurt : Becaufe the firmer doth it quantum in fe ; and Ste faith of a Gods deny- y- therefore is called an :,Enemy to God. It is no thanks to the wicked that non-entities that God there isa God, whowould have none (as to his Holinefs and Juftice) if seilieth them, thus[nn- it were in his power. e a¢ en'eo rri fee¡ntdu Moreover, God is Good and cloth good. And though he made Mate fe qt a eves .maluec¡ von , plaacetñéto Sadfb alta inehsoImage to Knogw Ì1ä Love him). t neceffarily folló free muff ration¢ platen¢ pole ft; rage enim in ea eft amelo ratio make himHoly. God cannot make a roan in the Image of theDevil, and malt. Nam in no,:-rffe call it his own : As Parents generate Children in their own likenefs, fo alicuias re;, potrft compz- rationt ad eliguum rani God cloth regenerate his own in his Image : He that thought it agood ar- me fi:ra, vèi ad :/,, flaw. oumenC [What Communion hath light with darkne s Chr with.Belial . zee ail pmeniiamireiat<qua & would lure have taken our part in this, that God cannot be the. >atio bout apparere;ob qeñ non tant:t o poteft placoe Author or Caufeof the Image of theDevil, andof the works ofdarknefs.. Dea, fimplici complacentaa, 611. Therefore wherehe addeth, that God willeth Malum effe thatfin fed Warn eaicaca volume- se,quadifternat romitem be,. as the Matter of exercifing his mercy and jufiice, not as hisfin, but non facere: similiter cum tantum volt fieri malum alterius, Z; deny it with horror as a reproachof Dees aw antgAriam nónata Q Gods holinefs.: The terminus à quo is not the Materianit ericordie vel f pl- q f. juatfitia