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,ß.i8 Of the ,(ature,I(nowledge, Will SECT. XXI. Profiler's anfwers ad óbjeît. Vincent: K62: TWill crave the Readers patience while I add the fumm of his Anfwers alfo to Comeof the ObjeCiionsof Vincentius. "Obj. i . That chrift died notfor all "Refp.' His death isa remedy initfelf fufficientto profit all but if it be not taken it will not heal. '0 Obj. 2. ThatCodwouldnot hive allfaVed, though they would. 'rRefp. We mutt fincerelybelieve and profefs that God wouldhave all; är faved r Thatmany perifh, isby the meritof them that perifh : That «many are faved, is the gift of him that faved them. For that theguilty "are damned is Gods inculpable juftice ; that the guilty are jufiified is f.' Godsutifpeakable grace. 'ç Obj. 3. That God made moll of mankind that they might perifh for "ever. "Refp: God is the Creator of all men ; but Noman is made by him "that he might perifh : For the caufe ofbeing born is oáe, and the caufe "of perifhing is anothet. That men are born is Gods gift ; that they perifh, is the finners defert He maketh men, that theymay be men "Obj.4. That the meofmenaremade ofGod, not to do Gods will, but ,t the Devils. "Refp, It is madnefs, and againff reafen to fay that it i5 by Gods will that Gods will is not done: and that the damner ofthe Devil and his fervants would have theDevil ferved " Obj. 5. That Godu the author of ourfan, in that he maketh mens wills "evil and maketh a fubliance which by naturalmotion cannot butfin. "Ref?. This objeetion they make becaufe we hold originalfin and mi "fery' But we hold thatwhatever isof Nature is ofGod, andnone t'of that which is contrary to Nature. But fin is contrary to nature, "fromwhence cometh death, and all that is of death : God is, "the author of no mans fin, but the Creator of his Nature,, Which "voluntarily finned, when it had Power not to fin; and by his own. will "man fubje led hunfelf to the deceiver. And it is not by Natural but «by captive Motion that he liveth in fin, till he die to fin, and live to " ° God; whichwithout grace he cannot do. "Obj. 6. That God maketh in men fach a will as ti in Devils, that of itsown motion can and will donothing bootevil. "Refp. Thewholeworld lyeth in wickednefs But even very bad "men may be reconciled, andDevils cannot. --AndGod put not C° evil affeelions in men. "Obj. 7. That it is Gods willthat agreat part ofchriflians neither will "nor can befaved. "Refp. If you fpeakof them who forfaking the Godlinefs of a'Chri= "fiian converfation and faith, do irrevocably pals over into prophane er- "rours and damnable manners, it's doubtlefs that having fuch a will, "they will not be fared ; and as long as they willnot be Caved, they can- "not be faved. But it is no means to be believed thatloch men fell cc into this defperate cafe by the-will of God, when rather God lifteth.up. " all thatfall 'For no man is railedoreflablifhed but by his Grace. "It is therefore Gods will that they continue in a good will ; And he for- tlr fake