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and Decrees ofClod, &c. 125 not, but perih, is not through any defeft or infufficiency of Chrifts fa- crifice, but by their own fault. And that others believe is of undeferved grace. 670. III: In the third and fourth Art. feet. 8, 9. they fay that the fault is not in Chrilt or the Gofpel, that manythat are called are not con- verted and come not, nor in God that calleth them and giveth them many gifts, but in the called themfelves that receive not the word of life, be. And that you may fee that they hold à conditional will or decreenot only of future but of nànfuture contingents, they fay that [ "As many as are calledby the Gofpel are feriouflycalled, andGod ferioufly and truly 'e thewethbyhis word, what would be acceptable to him, viz. that the "called come to him.] So that here is a feriousdeclarationof Gods will to thofe that never will come to him conditionally if they would come. Thefe kindof notions pleafeordifpleafe men, as theintereft of theiropi- nions requireth. 671.. And the confefon of Pet. 1Kolinæus received by the Synod, is worthy obfervationpag. 290,291. where he faith [ "Sin is the Merito- "riousCadeof Deflinationto punifhment ] And [Though natural cor- Not only or punithnriedt "ruption be caufe fufficient for Reprobation (as we 411 new (pawned "r'tf' 'eSerpents before they hurt any ) yet there is no doubt hut that for what "canfeGod damnethmen, for the fame he decreed to damn them : But he "damneth reprobates for committed ; For they fuffer in hell not only " for original fin, but for all aftual fins ; whence is the inequalityof pu- " nitlament : Therefore God Decreed to damn them for the fame fins : For " nothing hindereth but that Godwho confiderethmen in natural corruption " and pravity may confiderthem alto polluted in the aftual fins which they "will thencecommit.And among the tins for which anyone is Deftinated to "punitlm-lent nodoubt, is unbelief and rejectionof theGofpel No "reafon fuffereth, that he fhouldbe Reprobated for rejeEting of the Go- " fpel to whom the Gofpel was never revealed That God "deftinated any to eternal punifhment, without confideration of impeni- " tenet and unbelief,we neither faynor think And though God " p edeftinate the E1eft to faith, he cloth not predeflinate the Reprobate tounbelief; For we mull diftingui(h the media which God findeth in 's men, from thole which he maketh. He findeth in men unbelief the "means of damnation : But faith he findeth not, but maketh. Therefore "he predeflinateth to faith,but not to unbelief: For he predeftinateth but "to that which he decreed tomake. Laf ly, Impenitence in order goeth "before Reprobation 3 but faith, is after Eleétionasbeing itseffeét -] Is not here enough to reconcile Andnext of C'hrifts death he faith that [" It is abundantly fufficiene zc to (aye all men in the world, if they would believe : And that all are "not Cavedby it isnot through the infufficiency of Chrifts death, but of "theirpravityand unbelief. ] 672. Andpag.295, hefaith" thatArminius holdethìrrefiftiblegrace; ee and that theElect are drawnof God by effeoìual grace, whofe effeEt. is "molt certain and infallible (byCongruity.) 673. The Brittifh Divines in their Suffrage fay that [ Paz. it. 7'h. Rom 9. tit í;.6fl i.. l "God in the decree of Eleétion prepareth Glory, and effedlual °h r° 26. "grace, intending that it (hall beeffedtual : This heclothnot for the Re- " om. 6. sr, probate; and befides thisnegation, they know no aft of Reprobation,' as oppofite to Eleftion.] "And they fay that [theGofpel and grace, are denyed to none but the "unworthy,