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126 Of the 'Nature, knozvledge;.Will Aft. To. 43.Rom. 3. 24, 25. Mark t6. 15,16. rfa..59.uh. z Cor. 3. ¢. Tit. 2.11. 2 C01.5.19. Lukao.9,1I. Joh.t 522. Heb. z.3.&4.3.8t6.4. Nat. io. 15. Rom. 9. 12, 19, 'dr1. Mat. 7.21. Dent. 4.34. Petavius chideth Gerfory Piel, Cajetan, Catberinras for their found opinion of Infants faivation with- out Baptifm. " C unworthy ( finners, ) And that God damneth none , nor deflinateth "none to damnation, butout of theconfìderaáon of fin.] 674. The HaganDivines ibid.Par. 2. rag. 34. fay ["The juffJudge (God) doth not for one caufe Decree topunifh ;. and for another . execute «iton the guilty; but both have the fame caufe a that is, both original Ce andalual fin.] 675. TheHelvetian Divines therefay, p. 37. st. i z. ["Which is the Ce Order and Number of Gods Decrees, feeing Gods thoughts and wayes YC arenot as ours; and none of us are of his Council, we leave to Him rc alone,whofe underftanding is infinite.} 676. TheErnbdanDivines ibid.,p.75 fay [ Ce No one is predeftinated «by God to fin] whichthey there prove. 677. On the fécond Art.the Brittifh Divines fay (p.78.) [CeGodhaving .«mercy on fain mankind, fens s Son, whogave himfelfa price ofRedern- u ption, for the fins of the wholeworld. "Tbef. 4. In this Merit of Chrifisdeath isfounded the Univerfal Go .?t fpel Promife 't 7b, 5. In the Church, wherèfor this Gofpei-promife faivation is offer? tied to all,- there is that adminiftration of Grace, which is enough to "convince all the impenitent and unbelieving, that they perifh and lofe the to offered benefit, by theirvoluntaryfault, and negleé or contempt of the r Gofpel.] 678. On the fécondArticle p. Tó3, 104, be. there is the fuffrage Of the famous Mattbi,«Martiniis in 26 'Thefts of univerfal Redemptionrand feven There, of fpecial Redemptions and feventeen Errours rejedled, fo found, fo full, fo accurate, that I know not whither to referr the Reader to feethewhole controverfie more fhortly yet clearly and foundly opened: . And therefore intreat him to perufe it, feeing I maynot befo tedious asto tranfcribeit all,and know not how to leave out any. 679. To the fame fencehave ifelburge and Lod.crosirds adjoyned their fuffrages, the laft beingboth brief and full. 680. The fame Breme Divines faynomore of Reprobation but thefe . three Tbef. r. Thatthere is a Decree ofpreterition as to fpecial faving grace, a. That noneare condemned but juftly, for their fins. 3. That others as unworthy are converted inMercy : And if others had faid no more of this, it hadbeennever the worfe. And of Infants they fay [Of only Believers Infants, who dye before they are capable of doítrine, we determine that they arebelovedof God; and faved, as holy by Covenant -relation : whichBaptifm is a Confir-, mationof SECT;