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The CONTENTS Of there THESES cannot be well givenyou, without ,reciting toogreat a part of them : But ratherthannonetakethis imperfect fummary following. Seer. L ¡1 F mans 14 state and thefirf Law, and itspenalty. Whe- `,/(! ther Adam had a promifi of Life? and whether that Promifor Covenant be now ceafed as toall men?Page 27. Sea. II. of the fill Edition of the Law or Covenant ofGrace, that it was made with all Mankind in Adam and Noah: Of the Promife t® Abraham : of the Terms of theAli Edition ofthe VniverfalCove- nant of Grace. How far it k a Law of Nature. How far thole without the Ifraelitilh Church were under it: Of the Ifraelites Covenant, pag. 31. Sea. III. of thrift's Incarnation andour Redemption. The LawofMedia- tion. What Chri f undertook for us: How far he reprefentedus The true nature of his Satisfollion. Of his Righteoufnefs and Merits, pag. 37. Sea. IV. of the Law of Grace or NewCovenant in the laß Edition. The Nature, Conditions, andyetfree Donations of it, pag. 42. Se&. V. of thegivingof the HolyGhoß : Hiscommon andfpecial Works: The extent of the New Covenant : of thefrate of thof that have not the Gofpel :Andwhat Law theyare under, pag. 45. Sea. VI. How far Chrifl diedfor all, and howfar not, pag. 5'. Se&.VII. The antecedent andconfequent Will of God, explained. Of uffi- fs'cation by Faith. What faith it is 5 andwhatit doth,pag. 54. Sea.VIII. of Tuffification by Chrifi's Righteoufnefs imputed. The falfe fenfè of Imputation opened and fully confuted. The true fenfe alerted. Whether Chriii paidour Idemor Tantundem? whe- ther he made his satisfallion to God only as to a Relier, or as Dominus, vel pars1xía, or how ? pag. 59. Sea. IX. of the forts of fufification: And ftrftofconflitutive Jufrification. Of Righteoufnefs: How far it is or is not inour ownhabits or alts. What Right the Covenantgiveth the baptized to following helps and degreesof Grace. Further, what muß be inourfelves. Mans heli- nef is no difhonour to Gods Grace. Howfar Chrißßrippeth us of our own Righteoufnefs. More againfi the falfe fenfèof Imputation 5 Objetlions anfwered, pag. 69. Sea. X. Of Merit : The cafe plainly and brieflydecided. The Gofpel- Condi: tionor Merit, is but the accepting afree Gift according to its nature. Whether we may trufl to our ownFaith, Repentance, Holinefs. The laß Argument for the falfefenfe of Imputation, anfwered, pag. 79. Se6I. XI. How Faith jefifieth? whether asan Infrument? pag. 82. Se&.XII. Howfar Repentance is a Conditionof the Covenant : And what it is : Whether Faith or it be firß : How Faith and Love differ pag. 83. SeCc.XIII.of the degrees ofPardon and Jufiiftcation: Whether lofable : And whetherfuture fins bepardoned, pag. 85. Se&.XIV. Of Jußification by sentence of the Judge: Whatit is, ibid. Sea.