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The Contents. Se&. XV. Of initial ex- ecntise Pardon or joflifcation, in SanJifîcatìcn: Howfar necefjary, yet inrperfett, pag. 86. Sea. XVI. of affzrance of Pardon : Of doubting: Whether it be Divine - Faith to believe ones own yuflification or Salvation. TheSpirits Teflimony, pag. 88. Se&. XVII. Of love to God as the end ofFaith 5 and foretaft of Heaven, pag. 91. Sea. XVIII. of Perfeverance, and its certainty in order to the comfortable certainty ofSalvation. Few certainof juftification, and fewer of Perfeverance. The words of the Synod of Dort. The Fa- thers judgment about certainty ofperfeverance, pag. 93 Sea. XIX. Of mortal Sin, or fuch as will not (landwith the loveof God, and afiate of 'uflification, pag. 103. Sea. XX. What Repentance for particular fins is neceffary to pardon, pag. io6. Sea. XXI. Some folutionof all the former difficulties in twenty Propofiti- ons, 108. Sea. XXII. Fewcertain ofSalvation. The reconciling confequentsof this, pag. 112. Sea. XXIII. The cafe of Perfeverancefurther opened andapplied, pag. x13. Sea. XXIV. Thefum andfcopeof this Dlfcourfe ofCertainty, pag. 116. Sea. XXV. Degrees offalling, anddanger, pag. 118. Sea. XXVI. offinal juilification at judgment : More of the Agreementof Paul andJames about7uftificationbyWorks, pug. 119. Seet.XXVILof the number oftheglorifiedand the damned, pag. 123. A Pre-