Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

The Preface., that atChalcedon, and that atEphefus, andfo of others ! what a horrid fcandal the cafe of jolm and Vioftorus was, and the murder of Flavianus, and many others ! nor yet how th e controverfies àgainPc the Neforians, Eutychians, andMonothelites were managed ! I need not tell them, how loon Viflorbegan at llZonze, nor what Socrates and others fay ofCyril and 'I bee, philus at Jlexandria nor yet how Nazianzene was tired at Conftantinople ; nor how copioufly and vehemently he ac- cufeth theBithops, and wifheth that there were no luch in- equalities among them, as gavethem advantage to dohurt ; nor what he faith againft their Councils : nor yet, of the quarrels of !affil and Anthymius , nor of 13afils sharp com- plaints of thePoman and other Weftern Prelates I neednot tell themof the Ufage ofChryfoftome, even by filch men as Theophilus,Epiphanius and their partakers; nor of the dividing of the Conflantinopolitan Chriflians thereupon ; nor how the violent Prelates made Separatifls and Non- conformifls of Chry/oftoms adherents, by the nameofjoannites ; and how un- likely that Schifm was to have been healed, had not wifer Bithops fucceeded who reflored Concord by honouring. Chryfo(toms Name and Bones , and dealing kindly with his followers : I need not tell them of the fad work made at ;Ariminum and Syrenium, and oft atgOne, Conftantinople and eve- ry great Epifcopal Seat : nor of the bloodfhed between Competitors, at the Eleaion of Damafus ; nor of the fepa- ration of St. Martin from theSynod ofBifitops led by Ithacius .and Idacius; nor of the difference of him and Ambrofe from the reft about the complyances with Maximus. TheWorld knoweth of, the doleful Rupture that hath continued be- tween the (Roman and the Greek Church about a thoufand years ; And of the manySchifms at Romeby various Anti - .Popes, even'at once above forty years together; And of the reafon of the callingof the Councils ofConfiance and Bap to end them ;. And how the King of Rome keeps uphis King- dom to this day; what work he hath made with Frederick, the Henries, and other German Emperours ; what divifions this caufedamong the Clergie; whatbloodhe caufed to be flied jeru/alem, and howmany thoufands ofthe Waldenfes have at divers times been flaughtered ; what work the Inquiftion hath made in Spain and Delgia and elfewh.ere ; and the flames ofPerfecution in England, and almoft in all .Ch riftian Lands ; what work the Holy Leaguedid make in France, and the Engli f1 Bithops in many a War with their Kings