Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

The Preface. Kings ; betides the cafe of fl3ecket and fuch others ; By whofe infligation two hundred thoufand Proteflants were lately murdered in Ireland, and many again in Piedmont; I fay tó tell fuch things as thefe to thofe that are acquainted with Church Hiflory, isvain. And I would thofe that yet think cruelty the beft way to Pet up themfelves (or (eligion, if that mull bear the name) and to reprefs their adverfaries (or Schifms,) would but (among many others) read the Epiflle of great Thuanus before his Works toHenry King of France. But is it only the old Bifhops, Greeks and Papii ts, that have made fuchhavock in the Churches ? Even thofe that pre - tended to moderationdid by the German Interim make many hundred Churches defolate. And the ten years imprifon- ment ofCa f ar Ptracer (vid.Hsfloc. Carcer.) and the filencing of many and many faithful Miniflers, and the banifhment of many, dothThew with what Spirit, many of the Luthe, ram carryed on their work. And doubtlefs, had the Calvini fts in Belgia been as wife and peaceable as the Englijh Delegates . were at the Synod ofDort, and been as far frontTyranny as they fhouldhave been, matters hadnever come fo oft to Blood or Tumult among them as they have done, nor Grotius and the Árminians had fo much to fay agaìnfl them. I will not meddle With the matters of this Ifland in our times, Peeing they fuffrciently fpeak themfelves. But how cometh this ClergieTyranny to be fb common; fo long and fo powerful in the World, to make Parties, and draw Princes into Wars ? i. It mull be remembred, that trueGodlinef is not corn- mon in theWorld: Too many take up Chriflianity, as in the Eaflernparts the poflerity of the old famous Chriftians are now Mahometans. a. TheGoJJel and true Spirit ofChriflianity is contrary to the minds and worldly interefls of camal, ambitious, cove- tous, voluptuous men. So that they profefs a Religion which their own hearts abhorrasto its ferious pratice. 3. Every unrenewed manbath fuch a worldly flefhlyna- tare, and is voluptuous, proud and covetous : And none of them love to be reproved or croffedin their way. 4. Church Honours, Dignitiesand great Revenues and Clergie-eefe in an idle life, are a great bait or temptation . to a carnal mind : And the woofe men are, the more they will clef-ire andPeek Church preferments,, and make all the ( ) friends